Bundles of Joy Closure

We are delighted to announce that, following conversations with Growbaby, a ministry of Hull Vineyard Church, they will be expanding their services offered within the city of Hull and surrounding areas to help fill the gap that Bundles of Joy will leave. 

Growbaby has been offering a similar service to Bundles of Joy since September 2020 so are experienced in delivering this type of support. They provide good quality, new and pre-loved baby and children’s clothes and equipment, completely free of charge to anyone in the local community who needs it, regardless of their income, background or faith. 

Bundles of Joy and Growbaby have similar values and are very closely aligned in their ethos of supporting those in need in the local community in an impartial and non-judgemental way. They already had aspirations to grow their offering in the local community and saw Bundles of Joy closing as an opportunity to accelerate these plans and support more families in need.

As much as the heart of Growbaby is to serve everyone in the city that needs help, it will take time to grow to fulfil that ambition. Growbaby will take the next two months to prepare for this expansion, taking time to build the team, improve the structure and organise donations.  

Growbaby will be open for referrals, donations and other services for current Bundles of Joy clients from Friday 1 April 2022. Please do not contact Growbaby in relation to referrals or donations before this date.

In the meantime, Bundles of Joy will continue to operate a limited service until the charity closes on Friday 11 February 2022

We are so happy to have found a safe pair of hands in Growbaby to help fill the gap left by Bundles of Joy and are confident that Growbaby cares about the welfare of families and children in the local community as much as we have for the last five and a half years. 

For more information on Growbaby visit www.hullvineyard.co.uk/growbaby or on Facebook @growbabyhull 

The Bundles of Joy Team