Birthday Happiness Hampers

How we brought Birthday Happiness Hampers to life…

Jan and Claire have always been involved in the children’s industry from parties to anti-natal classes to nursing and soft play.

With Jan’s party experience and desire to help she has been thinking over this idea of ‘Birthday Happiness Hampers’ for some time. The idea is to combine the party world with those children affected by crisis, poverty, illness and domestic abuse. So, Jan approached Claire who she has known for some years now and is the founder of Bundles of Joy, a local charity helping give babies and children a better start in life. Together they discussed wanting to bring some extra magic to a child on their birthday. Jan has a party business called Dolly Day Dreams Party Caravan and has brought a lot of memories into the lives of many fortunate children’s childhoods.

So, now we have “Birthday Happiness Hampers”. Through the basic referral system in place at Bundles of Joy health professionals, agencies, schools and charities, as well as children’s centres and support services, can request a birthday hamper for a child who might not ever experience a birthday party of their own. They require minimal information to ensure the right party box is supplied but essentially, it’s about enhancing a child’s special day with family and friends.

“Birthday Happiness Hampers” will predominantly be aimed at birthdays from 1 year to 7 years. They know from being mums themselves that we always tend to go overboard for our children’s parties and end up with so much left over. This is where those items can help us to make a birthday memory.

Our aim is to ensure every child feels special and celebrated on their birthday. Despite a family’s current situation or financial status, a child should never suffer or feel they don’t matter.  Our ultimate aspirations are to be able to implement joy, hope and celebrations for a child and their family.

How can you help?

Party Supply Donations

You can help support this magical idea by donating any party essentials such as…

  • Party plates and cups (in sealed full packs)
  • Napkins
  • Table cloths
  • Party Bags
  • Party bag fillers
  • Balloons and balloon pump
  • Birthday banners
  • Birthday age badges and candles
  • Unopened bubble wands
  • Wrapping paper (part rolls accepted) gift bags and birthday cards
  • Packets of biscuits i.e. party rings

Supply a party gift

Within the hamper we want to include a wrapped birthday present too, so if you wanted to help us with this we will also be collecting

  • Brand new story/character books
  • Brand new Colouring or puzzle books, pencil cases, felt tips and crayons
  • Brand new art sets

Party Cake or Cup Cakes

The icing on the cake to complete our Birthday Happiness Hamper would be to include a small birthday cake or 8 cup-cakes.

Donations of these can only be received from registered businesses or home bakers with an available up-to-date food score and public liability insurance. A full list of ingredients and the best before date will need to be included with the donation.

As with all donations, any businesses or schools donating to us will happily be promoted across all social media platforms.

All donations can be

  • Dropped off at one of our designated drop off points. Please contact us for further information.
  • Dropped off at Bundles HQ in Beverley
  • Given to Jan at any party or event she is hosting.
  • Contact us and we can arrange a collection of any items.

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