Bundles of Joy are a family and baby charity based in East Yorkshire.

Bundles of Joy are here to provide support to young families through the targeting of essential and useful baby and child equipment. Having a new baby can be an expensive time which doesn’t subside as they grow from baby, to toddler, to child. At Bundles of Joy we recognise that, for too many families, the expense of providing for a baby becomes too much to bear, and that compromises are made either on the quality of the baby items themselves, or funds are diverted from other parts of the family budget, leaving families vulnerable to debt.

Did you know that recent research has found that 7 in 10 UK families are holding on to baby clothing that they will never use again? There are charities in the UK, which are campaigning to get these unused pieces of clothing to families in desperate need of help and support.

Bundles of Joy, a specialist baby charity, are here to bridge the gap between those who have items to donate and the families who would welcome them. We collect and distribute not only baby clothing, but any baby items which can be reused, such as toys and blankets. We also collect toys and clothing for older children, which helps families manage their limited budget better.

We operate in Beverley, Hull, and the East Riding of Yorkshire. Families are identified by local health professionals, children’s centres, nurseries, and other child care agencies, ensuring that help is received where it is most needed.

Our mission statement is…

At Bundles of Joy, we make a positive difference to local families by supplying donated goods at a time when they may need it most.

Our vision is...

At Bundles of Joy, our vision is to make a difference to local families who need a helping hand. 

Please help us reach our aims in helping the most vulnerable families in the Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire area.